My best selling product - doodled letters come in two sizes - A4 and A3, and in either colour or black and white. 

Completely unique - all you need to do is tell me the letter you want, and then a list and/or photos of what you'd like inside. 

Usually customers give me between 10 and 20 things they'd like inside - this can include animal silhouettes, family silhouettes, names, prominent dates, band logos, vehicles, musical instruments etc. 

Most people buy them for birthday presents, or anniversary presents, so please let me know a date you would need it by - lead time for me drawing these is 1 to 2 weeks - but I'm always booked up so please ask in advance. 


  • A4 black and white doodled letter: £45
  • A4 colour doodled letter: £55
  • A3 doodled letter, colour or black and white £90

Prices are kept low on these items, considering how long they take, but I like to make gifts affordable. 

If you'd like to order one, please drop me a message via the contact form here