Doodled Letter / Number

£65.00 - £120.00

The ORIGINAL doodled letter/number!
Hand drawn, completely unique to your specifications.
My best selling product by far - I've been doing these doodled letters and numbers for many years and hundreds of people have commissioned them to give as birthday gifts, anniversaries, Fathers/Mothers day and wedding gifts.

You have two options for size: A4 or A3
Choose either colour or black and white, the price is the same.

How it works....

Once ordered, pop your desired letter or number in the "add notes or instructions" box at the checkout stage. You can have up to two digits on one page. Please also specify whether you'd like black and white or colour.
Then you also need to write a list of things you'd like inside the letters or numbers - this can include things such as pets, football club logos, band logos, houses, food and drink, favourite music, hobbies etc. The only thing I can't do are people's faces, but I can do outlines or silhouettes.

If you haven't got a list of things ready, don't worry, you can contact me after ordering.

Once I have your list, I always work on a simple pencil sketch first to show you so you can make any changes or approve it so you know exactly what you're getting.

Please also let me know when you need it by as these take a while to complete.


  • A4 Doodled letter/number
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  • A3 Doodled letter/number
    100 in stock
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