Working Beach: Set of Four Deal Town Coasters

£14.99 - £19.99

Working Beach: Set of Four Deal Town Coasters
Available to order now! A high quality set of four 4" x 4" wooden coasters with digitally printed images of the famous fishing boats on Deal seafront, taken from my original brand new hand drawn illustrations.
I wanted to capture this amazing part of Deal seafront in all it's working glory, so I did four individual pieces of art that portray the boats and all the fascinating machinery around them.
These are solid wood coasters with DTF digitally reproduced illustrations, varnished for protection, with non-slip soft foam pads on the bottom.
Perfect Christmas gifts!
Available for just £14.99 (local pick up) or £19.99 posted.
Please be advised, due to production times, these will be available in two weeks time.


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